Boys will be boys, right?

Boys will be boys, right?

Boys be simple.
Boys be slick.
Boys play games because boys are dicks.

But boys will be boys, right?

It's no secret I find men to be irritating, at least, most of the time. We can be downright frustrating, but for most of us, that's part of our allure, I suppose. For me, it just makes me want to fight a dude.

Marriage Equality for All, An Unpopular Opinion

I'm fresh out my shower, dried off, and full of thoughts.

Lately, the news cycle has been so hot with controversial topics, I found it hard to keep up, and therefore decided to sit back and observe the different reactions of the public.

Recently, and I do mean like today, Marriage Equality was granted for all U.S. citizens. Now, as much as I should be jumping for joy, I can't help but sit in my big chair, bundled in towels, typing up this entry with a stoic expression on my face.

Far be it from me to bring up theories, or even contribute to any homophobic rants, but so what?

I'm Kanye West to the situation because marriage equality is nice and great, and I'll let them finish, but black lives are still in danger.

I for one can't go running down the street in pure elation just because the LGBTQ community can now marry. Right now, at the age of 28, I count it as a silent victory, for which I will appreciate once I'm having a beach party with my newlywed husband of my dreams. However, if I or the love of my life are brutalized or shot down by racist terrorists or police officers, it won't mean shit.

At first, I felt wrong for having this "unpopular opinion," but it's how I feel. It's sort of the same reaction I had when I heard Alabama passed a Marriage Equality law many months back.

To quote my best friend, "You can't change the world." Sure, I know, but I don't feel as excited as I should be. The duality that is my blackness and my gayness has not yet meshed in a way I feel completely comfortable and accepted within society, and that bothers me. 

Overall, I'm happy that I finally have the right to marry, but at the same time, I will not and can not stop trying to fight for the rights of black lives. I'll take not being killed at the hands of injustice as a black person versus being granted the right to marry. 


Each One, Reach One Moment: Google looks to build a PROUD COMMUNITY

Google never ceases to amaze me with the way they handle their products and advertisements. The above ad is no different. 

According to Huffpost - "Google has released a powerful new video that documents one transgender man's transition and his journey to find a community of supportive and like-minded individuals through a local business."

Overall, this campaign is on the right track; however, I do wish the ad also featured trans people of color as well because that representation is hard to come by, especially when it comes to trans men of color, which is nearly non-existent. Let's not forget the harsh treatment of trans women of color. These inclusive representations matter because, hopefully, it can save trans lives.

But again, I hope Google keeps this going, and maybe we can see the diversity flourish. Good job, Google!

If you're a local business, check out Google My Business for more info.