Each One, Reach One Moment: EL SMS (The Text), Short film from Coca-Cola

I'm late on this news, but Coca-Cola has been running a campaign that promotes true friendship. Ads are marketed in Latin America, and focus primarily on teens stepping up for each other in the most serious of moments. The creators of the campaign are PJ Pereira and Andrew O'Dell of the award-winning ad agency Pereira & O'Dell

Here's more about the film above:

The campaign, by Pereira & O’Dell, focuses on various different scenarios which question what makes a true friend (#VerdaderoAmigo). In this eight-minute film, a group of teen boys joke and tease each other in the usual high school way about girls, video games and such-like. Two of the boys are especially close buddies, but Rafael is hiding something from his friend Diego– he’s gay. When he leaves his phone unattended, Diego reads a text that surprises him. His decision to cover for his friend, and accept him for who he is, is what cements this true friendship. And, as Rafael points out, gay guys know all the pretty girls.
This short-film is refreshing on so many levels! Kudos to Pereira &O'Dell, and Oscar-winning screenwriter, Dustin Lance Black, for teaming up to bring such a positive short film to life. I hope to see more this sort of marketing over here in America, especially marketed towards young African Americans.

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I hope it's worth it: How we ended

I hope it's worth it: How we ended

It was a birthday card on his car dashboard.

It was how I felt when I saw the card.

It was what I thought when I read the card . . . especially the two initials.

It didn't matter who it was from. My mind was made up already. It was from a nigga.

Because of those reasons, because of the way my mind was racing, and because of the way my heart began to hurt, I knew that I needed to stay away from my ex. I can't be his friend right now.

Getting over a 3 year relationship with a Closeted Man

Getting over a 3 year relationship with a Closeted Man

Here's the abstract:

5 years ago, I was a recently out gay male, suffering from depression who met another depressed gay male, who struggled with his sexuality. After a year of getting to know each other, we fell in love. We were together as a couple for 3 years. We were happy together. By the third year, our insecurities got in the way. I needed him to grow with me as my partner, but he couldn't, and I guess I couldn't be the things he needed, so we tried to end our relationship on a good note. This year, we found ourselves back in each other's life, and now, we're not again.

I realized that I couldn't be in his life anymore because it did me no good. - End Abstract -

Finally! The Calem West Interview We've All Been Waiting For! Not Really.

Finally, after a year of wondering and pondering; after so many activated, deactivated, then reactivted Twitter and Instagram accounts; after speculation and recollection, we finally get the Calem West (@bodiesbycw) interview we've all been waiting for! Nah, not really. Instead, all we get are one sentence answers that further add to the ever-growing elusive figure that is Calem West.