Saturday, December 20, 2014

This Movie is Gay, like really Gay - "The Gays" (2014) Movie Review

"The Gays" (2014) Movie Review
"The Gays" cast members from left to right - Mike Russnak (Alex Gay); Frank Holliday (Rod Gay); Flip Jorgensen (Tommy Gay); Chris Tanner (Bob Gay-Paris)
Just in time for the holiday season comes a stocking stuffer like no other! Words cannot truly express my initial reaction after watching writer/director TS Slaughter's 2014 gay-themed dark comedy, "The Gays." For lack of better words to describe the overall movie, it's really really gay, but that's the whole theme of the film, I think.

I take that back. You can describe the "The Gays" as incredibly raunchy because of the cinematography, which gives me a budget gay porno flick kind of vibe, especially with all the nudity and minor simulated sex scenes. Penis and Ass everywhere!

"The Gays" (2014) Movie Review
It's also twisted as hell, yet here I was thinking that Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives (2010) took that crown, but no, "The Gays" wins hands down due to a particular seen depicting "gay-birth." 

Apparently, in this universe, us gay folk can get pregnant and have babies, and of course, they make it completely clear where gay babies come from...well, as clear as anyone can get when delivering a baby out of your anus. Yeah, I know. - - - (picture to your left).

If that image bothers you, then this may not be your kind of movie. Believe me, when I first received an email inviting me to watch and review this film, I had my reservations; however, I do get kicks out of weird and campy gay movies from time to time, e.g., "Girls will be Girls" (2003).

But this film is too much! However, that's T.S. Slaughter's aim, to be too much. What better way to stick it to homophobes and bible thumpers everywhere than to "desecrate" the sanctity of marriage and childbirth? "The Gays" complete irreverence for society's pro-heterosexual attitudes that we've become accustomed to seeing is part of what makes this movie stand out in its weird, unique way.

Will it appeal to a wide range of people? No, but it may become somewhat of a cult classic for hardcore indie fans and a variety of gay men. Maybe? You can decide for yourself after reading this review.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nativity of Naivete (Lecture 3 - Ego Slip)

Nativity of Naivete (Lecture 3 - Ego Slip)

Recently, it occurred to me that I began my master class exposition on being Gay, Black, and American a little over three years ago when I wrote "Triple Consciousness: Being Gay, Black, and American (Breakdown)," which to this day remains as one of my favorite posts on this blog. To get the full scoop on that essay, I implore you to read the prologue first, followed by the breakdown. Two years later, I began a series of "lectures" entitled Nativity of Naivete, which allowed me to apply my experiences as a gay black male on a deeper level of consciousness.

Since writing Lecture 1, followed by Lecture 2, I knew that this particular series would not be a back to back recurrence, but I knew that it would continue. The first lecture was an introduction and explanation behind the series, and the second lecture was comprised of a list of things I wasn't told personally, but I learned just by existing in this world. I drew many conclusions on subject matters ranging from my race to my sexual identity, and my mental health.

A combination of heppenings has triggered this post's particular lecture, but the main thing that has inspired me to post comes from an entry posted a little over three years ago by Viktor Kerney, creator of Maybe It's Just Me and content contributor for The Bilerico Project, from which the inspired article originated. Check out Viktor's article by the following link below:

Black LGBT Bloggers, Come On Out!

Of course, an article encouraging more black LGBT bloggers to link up in voicing our rarely told stories that we never see covered on other blogs, caused for quite the commotion in the comments section. Even when Viktor plainly explained a need for more black bloggers as tactfully as possible, I don't feel his point was well received, and quite frankly, understood. Honestly, I agreed that we needed more black bloggers to provide social commentary on our [black gay] experiences.

Unfortunately, I've come to the conclusion that either one, no one is interested in our experiences; two. our experiences are devalued and dismissed because it is not "inclusive" of the entire LGBT community; three, there still aren't enough of us out there that have linked up to put our black voices to the forefront of social media.

Let's discuss. . .

Friday, December 5, 2014

Real Fucking Talk

It's late in the a.m., and I've spent the last few hours at my desk browsing the net and thinking.

Not only do I suffer from Clinical Depression, I also have a bad case of insomnia. My mind wonders hours and hours without a peaceful break because of all the thoughts scrambling everything around in my head. My emotions go from okay to worried in a matter of seconds, and the only thing I can think of is security.

I quit my job back in January, and I've been smart and blessed enough to maintain my life since quitting. I still have my apartment, I still have food to eat, and I have people in my life that genuinely care about me. That's great and all, but the reality is that I'm going broke.

Within the next month or two, I won't be able to maintain, and I'm fucking terrified. Everything I've worked for, I don't want to easily give up just to say I'm making it. I'm also upset.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

How We Met - Part Five/Finale

How We Met - Part Five/Finale

So far, we discussed treading squishy peanut hulls around my toes, partaking in a hotel threesome of card games, with an uninvited gigantic roach, and escaping childish behavior at the museum. All this involved my soon-to-be-dude-in-progress and his friend.

Now, you may ask, "Bama, did you ever get alone time with your STBDIP? And what's with the extra friend?" Well, you're finally going to find out now, so here:

As I said in the previous posts, I had a devil may care attitude about interacting with either of them. My thinking was if they came along with me to the movies, cool, and if they didn't, also cool. So, I shook their hands, thanked them for visiting my city, and walked out the door.

Now, I can't recall the thoughts that were whirling though my mind as I made it to my car, but I knew that I was on a mission to escape my shell of depression by going out and allowing my surroundings to bring me out of my slump, along with the help of the meds.

Just as I started the ignition, putting the car in reverse, there he was, walking out the building arms wide open, smiling. He was giving me some sort of "hey, don't forget about a dude" kind of vibe, and for the first time since meeting him, I noticed him.

He got in the car with me, and we proceeded to the movies. On the short drive their, and a longer drive around the parking lot, I asked him about his friend. In short, they had a thing going, but he wasn't ready to pursue a relationship with him, so it was decided to just be friends. I was just like, "okay then."

A little convo here and there about how we discovered our liking for men, and then we were inside the screening room for the movie. He left to go buy some popcorn during the previews, then came back in time to watch the show. One thing that stuck out during the movie was that he was poking my shoulder with his index finger, as he sat right next tome with his arms folded. Later on down the road I told him about it, but he swears he doesn't remember doing that, but trust, he did. It may have been a subconscious, yet discreet way of telling me that he dug me. It's not like I shooed his finger away. I must have dug him too.

The movie ended, and we recapped what we liked about the flashy action-comedy film, which I learned more about his career in film. Cool. So, we headed back to my car, and for the first time, nothing outside of my car mattered. It was just us and awkward, really awkward silence.

He finally stumbled a few words out, which I found cute and funny -
"Yeah, uh, uhm, if ever - you want to - you know . . . uhm, get together or whatnot - yeah, I'm down for it."
- finishing off with a nervous smile. All I could do was smirk, trying not to laugh at his attempt at telling me that he was down to do freaky things together. This tall, broad-shouldered figure, nervous to even say those words to me, had me tickled.

But, I was equally a ham by trying to be nonplussed but suave at the same time by sayin', "Yeah, man. I got ya." In the back of my head, though "Yo, this man is checking me out! WHAT!?  LOL."

I dropped him off back at the hotel. We dapped it up and made sure to reassure one another that we would keep in touch, and we did. The weekend was overall a good one, and if it wasn't for all that craziness, I wouldn't have trekked over to ATL a month later to attend ATL Pride with my home girl.

And from there... well, that's all I have for now, but that's how we met.


How We Met - Part Four

How We Met - Part Four

Prior to leaving the hotel room, the guys wanted to know what my plans were for Saturday. I told them that I had planned to go to the Birmingham Museum to check out a few exhibits, then hit up the theater to go see Scott Pilgrim vs the World. I guess it sounded like a decent plan to them, so they inquired about tagging along.

I told them they were grown ass men, so they could do whatever they wanted. Listen, I was over and done with everything, and the only thing that was somewhat holding me together was the antidepressants and my need to have something to look forward to, which was the museum and movie. Any extra company was a bonus, but whether they tagged along or not, I didn't care.

Unfortunately, I still didn't care for myself, therefore, I didn't care about anything else.

The next day, they met up with me at the museum. Nothing really interesting to share, even though ya boy schooled these two older kats about the Mannerist and Baroque period of art - ya dude is smart. It felt good to show off; nothing wrong with a little ego boost; however, these dudes were like bad ass kids on a field trip.

I remember my guy telling me he had ADHD, so his attention span was short, and after being at the museum with him and his giggly friend, I believed him. Several times, I had to leave them in the wind because they had the nerve to cross the red laser to get closer to the paintings. At that point, I didn't know them, which was actually true.

After we left, we stopped by a Starbucks so they could bum WiFi in order to complain to one of those hotel-seeking sites about the gigantic roach infestation in the room they occupied the previous night. You know, that room where my dude felt that spraying disinfectant on a roach would resolve the problem. Anyways, they got a new room at a different, much nicer hotel.

I followed them there to see them get settled in. Being amendment about following my list of scheduled outings, I bid them farewell, as I left to go catch the movie. My dude's friend was tired, so he wasn't up for tagging along, and my dude didn't know what to do.

I didn't leave either one any time to decide their next plan of action. I hit the door, and I didn't turn back.