I hope it's worth it: How we ended

I hope it's worth it: How we ended

It was a birthday card on his car dashboard.

It was how I felt when I saw the card.

It was what I thought when I read the card . . . especially the two initials.

It didn't matter who it was from. My mind was made up already. It was from a nigga.

Because of those reasons, because of the way my mind was racing, and because of the way my heart began to hurt, I knew that I needed to stay away from my ex. I can't be his friend right now.

Getting over a 3 year relationship with a Closeted Man

Getting over a 3 year relationship with a Closeted Man

Here's the abstract:

5 years ago, I was a recently out gay male, suffering from depression who met another depressed gay male, who struggled with his sexuality. After a year of getting to know each other, we fell in love. We were together as a couple for 3 years. We were happy together. By the third year, our insecurities got in the way. I needed him to grow with me as my partner, but he couldn't, and I guess I couldn't be the things he needed, so we tried to end our relationship on a good note. This year, we found ourselves back in each other's life, and now, we're not again.

I realized that I couldn't be in his life anymore because it did me no good. - End Abstract -

Finally! The Calem West Interview We've All Been Waiting For! Not Really.

Finally, after a year of wondering and pondering; after so many activated, deactivated, then reactivted Twitter and Instagram accounts; after speculation and recollection, we finally get the Calem West (@bodiesbycw) interview we've all been waiting for! Nah, not really. Instead, all we get are one sentence answers that further add to the ever-growing elusive figure that is Calem West.

What I learned about Love from last night's Jill Scott Concert

What I learned about Love from last night's Jill Scott Concert

Last night, I had the privilege and honor of attending my first Jill Scott concert! When I tell you that witnessing the Jill Scott experience has been one of my many dreams, I still felt like I was dreaming once she finally hit the BJCC concert hall stage. I was sharing the same space as "Jilly from Philly," and I wanted my full attention devoted to her.

Slay of the Day: Postmodern Jukebox The Greatest Love of All ft.Mykal Kilgore

Today's Slay of the Day is brought to you by the talented musicians over at Postmodern Jukebox . I discovered this amazing YouTube channel by accident about a week ago, and since then, I've been enjoying the way way PMJ takes modern day songs and slaps them in a different era and genre of music.

Who knew you could make Britney Spears' "Oops!...I Did it Again" sound so vintage - I mean, way beyond the 15 years before the single was released in 2000. That's pure musical awesomeness!