11 unfinished posts, which one should I finish first?

Thursday, March 21, 2013 Kevin T 4 Comments

11 unfinished posts, which one should I finish first?
By Vic via Flckr

Sometimes depression will affect my productivity. I'll have my up phases of knocking tasks out without any issues, but then I'll have my down phases where I either get overwhelmed with the work I've accumulated, or I develop a can't-be-bothered type of attitude, preferring sleep over anything else. Nonetheless, this is the life that chose me, so I gotta thug it out the best way I can.

With that said, my attention to certain things gets sidetracked, and my main focus then becomes finding ways to snap out of my funk. As much as I should use this blog to write more when I am going through these phases, I at times feel that writing down depressing things will only make me more depressed, so I choose to go sit in a corner somewhere, but as one fellow blogger told me one time, "Just pick a date to post, and don't try to make it perfect. Post whatever you have at that time."

I tried doing that, and it worked for a minute, but with my low-key perfectionist attitude, it's hard to publish a post and just be okay with it. Many past posts took months to a year to complete before I was happy with it, not a good way to do it, I suppose. All in all, I want to do better just for the sake of continuing my efforts to reach out to those who need the words. I'm not perfect, and I'm nowhere at the true beginning of my journey, but whatever little helps, I'm more than happy to contribute. So, I leave the next post up to you.

I have 11 unfinished posts, well, 12, but one out of those 12 posts will be somewhat of a series that I plan to start in the Summer. The following is a list of posts I have pending, some that are only titles, but still pending in no particular order:

  1. A game of Spades
  2. The family tree is only as strong as its roots
  3. But . . . you're married
  4. My debunking of being "DownLow" or Low down on the down-low
  5. Single Mother's Plight
  6. Yes, your sexiness offends me
  7. Sweat Pants (Musing)
  8. Addiction
  9. I feel sorry for her
  10. Sexual revolution...not
  11. Standom (Musing) - - -may not even do this one at all
So far, that's all I have in my queue, other than the series I want to begin in the Summer. Not to mention, I'll probably have random fits of inspiration, so new posts are bound to come, and maybe even before I finish the ones mentioned above. However, this time around, I'll let you decide which one I should try and finish, then post. Go ahead, let me know.


  1. Writing helps me dig my way out of the lows. I guess it's probably why many of my posts are of a certain mood. It's kinda sad that my silence on the blogosphere should be a sign that I'm okay. :D

    As for the posts, I say 6 & 7. Those seem like they'll be super interesting. And Standom too, if only because it sorta rhymes with Random.

  2. A game of spades and Standom sound interesting. As for posting, I find that sometimes a good, lengthy post can come out of one thought/seeing a random thing.

    For example, a post I did recently about atheism and dating came from coming across a post about a TV One show which dealt with a character dating an atheist. Or you can do "your take" on a popular topic at the moment, like Beyonce's recent documentary/Fantasia's "don't judge me" fiasco.

  3. Thank y'all for the suggestions!