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About the Blog

Established on July 15th, 2010, started out as a personal blog. It was soon realized that this blog would offer a unique voice within the LGBTQ community.

This blog documents many experiences that often go undiscussed within Gay Culture, especially within the African American Gay Community. Because of this unique voice and writing style, has become a means of gay outreach. This blog has helped LGBTQ people cope with issues ranging from clinical depression to sexual identity.

Through relatable social commentary, critiques, and personal essays, the growing content of Bama Boi Blues continues to make an impact on readers each and every day. These readers find inspiration to spark dialogue about the issues they face as a marginalized people. No one goes through these experiences alone. Many of these issues are often overlooked within the gay community, but these issues need to be expressed. Thus, is the purpose of this blog. “Each one, reach one” is the motto, and hopefully, this blog aids in doing so.

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About the Blogger


Kevin T., also known as Bama Boi Blues, is a freelance writer and the content creator of his blog Originally from Birmingham, AL, Kevin moved to Atlanta in hopes of furthering his freelance career. He regularly looks to network with like-minded individuals who aspire to inspire.

Not only has his blog been used as his personal therapy to help cope with issues he’s faced as a Southern gay African American male, the blog has become a form of outreach to other LGBTQ youth going through similar situations. Kevin’s subject matter ranges from from Clinical Depression to defining sexual identity.

With his slogan being “Each one, reach one,” Kevin hopes to expand his advocacy work from blogging to creating a nonprofit organization to aid other LGBTQ Youth of Color who need the support. He also hopes to publish a few books, direct a few short films/YouTube series, and win a few slam poetry contests along the way. Just sayin’.

Since the inception of his blog, Kevin has been able to purge his sadness, confusion, angst, heart breaks, lust, fun, joy, and other experience that come with being gay. This has allowed him to come out to his dear friends and family members! With that heavy weight lifted off his shoulders, the sky’s the limit with what his potential and influence can bring!

Being able to step outside of the norm with his feelings, then openly express them to others has really helped Bama Boi (Kevin T.) in so many ways. He continues to gain a lot of support from great bloggers and make great friendships with his readers.

You can find the majority of Kevin’s work on his blog, as well as other popular blogs, like MUSED Mag Online! With that said, Kevin knows that you want to hire him for writing jobs, so don’t be shy to send him a message.

You can also find Kevin on the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all BamaBoiBlues, or you can email him at

The main thing you need to know about him is the answer to this question:

You’ve been entered in a shadow puppet contest. What’s your best pose?
Uh. . .b-boy stance, grabbing my crotch. I’m gangsta like that.