Behind schedule

Today’s entry didn’t post as scheduled,  so it’ll be up tomorrow morning. Hate that happened. I’m trying to stick to a certain time posts go up, and today’s was missed. I could post it now, but I’m working out the best time to post new entries. Sorry for the delay. Don’t you hate when things…



(source) I think I’ve put too much on my plate with this whole freelance thing. I’ve been so focused on getting my new blog up and running, I have completely dropped the ball on other things. Here’s a list of other things: Pitch posts to other blogs and online zines. Prepare for an upcoming poetry…

A Game of Spades - Bama Boi Blues

A game of Spades

  Picture this: A group of four, young gay black men, all 20 something, are casually sitting around a card table. Pandora creates a mixed playlist of trip hop music as the eclectic tunes resonate around the small apartment living room. Although mellow moods beat through the speakers of a Smartphone, the energy in the…